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Welcoming Summer with Ninja Sushi: 7 New Rolls


Summer is a time of vibrant colors and new gastronomic discoveries. This time, Ninja have prepared something special for you. Today, 7 new rolls have appeared on the menu: how about a roll with tomato or with shrimp and orange sauce?

However, among the new positions, we also have more familiar options for those who don’t like to experiment. Read more on the website via the link in our stories.


Ninja Sushi continues to surprise with unusual yet unforgettable combinations. All sushi lovers can't imagine «Philadelphia» without cucumber inside, but what about tomato?

We are sure you are intrigued, so without further ado — meet the new roll called «Mito», crafted in a striking bright red design. In addition to tomato, it also includes tuna, feta cheese, and cream cheese.

Baked with parnesan picy

The baked roll with parmesan has long won the hearts of connoisseurs. And you are probably no exception. Ninja maintains consistency in orders, but today we propose to add something new to your favorites.

Baked with spicy parmesan is still the same roll, but thanks to the classic Japanese sauce, it is more piquant. Don’t be afraid to experiment, it's worth it!


If you are even slightly familiar with the anime One Piece or the popular series of the same name that recently caused a stir on Netflix, then you surely know that throughout the story, the main character tries to find the most legendary treasure in the world.

He would have long ceased his search upon seeing the «Luffy» roll — eel, shrimp, salmon, crab mix, panko crumbs, and tempura batter. This combination is a must-try: fortunately, you now have the opportunity.


A new position specially for those who can't decide: order a roll with seafood or something exotic? Why choose when you can combine these criteria?

The filling combines salmon, scallop, shrimp, cheddar, and melted cheese, with an orange sauce topping. Moreover, the «Kagami» roll has an incredibly stylish look: all thanks to squid ink, which gives the rice a memorable black color.

Kratos with cheddar

Previously, we told you that when creating the magnificent «Kratos» roll with snow crab and tamago omelet, Ninja were inspired by mythology.

You won't believe it, but when creating the «Kratos with cheddar», we were inspired by mythology and popular English cheese.

The result exceeded all our expectations, so we highly recommend it.

Itachi with eel

A small upgrade to the roll that consistently tops the sales at Ninja Sushi. Now, in addition to the classic combination with shrimp, you can order a new version — with added eel and green onion.

The change in ingredients may seem small, but the flavor shines with new brilliance.


The most summery roll in the new Ninja Sushi menu, rich in green hues. All thanks to thinly sliced cucumber and slices of fresh avocado that surround the roll. We are confident that the color of this roll will be trendy this summer.

We look forward to your orders by phone and in the app. Please leave feedback on the new positions on Instagram. We are truly interested in what you liked the most.