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Popular food blogger named his favorite Ninja Sushi rolls


Ninja Sushi continues to gain popularity among Polish gourmets of Japanese cuisine. The list of those who appreciate the value and taste of our rolls has just recently been expanded by Kuba «coocharz» Przeździecki, an amateur chef who has gained over 500,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram thanks to his passion for cooking.

We wanted to know which rolls Coocharz likes the most and now he’s sharing his answers with #ninjafam!

Kuba «coocharz» Przeździecki — food blogger:

«The main thing I admired about Ninja Sushi were the high quality ingredients that go into each roll. I was pleased with the menu as well: there are various positions, something for every taste.

If I were to make list of my favorite rolls, I would definitely pick classical "California" with salmon or eel and a combination of tuna and truffle in both gunkan and tartar.

The "Himawari" roll was a very pleasant surprise. I never thought rolls with cheddar cheese could be this good!»

And what are your favorite rolls? Let us know in the comments below!

Favorite coocharz’s rolls:

California with salmon

Unagi California

Tuna tartare with truffle

Spicy tuna gunkan with truffle