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У нас з'явилися тартари!
Dinner by candlelight and a beautiful bouquet. Make a pre-order and buy flowers!Look for them in the "snacks" section. A favorite French dish in the ninja's master interpretation.
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Home / News / Ninja Sushi Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Ninja Sushi Celebrates 3rd Anniversary


Did you know the Ninja’s zodiac sign is Libra? Libras are purposeful and energetic. They learn quickly and know how to be witty and tactful. They have a good sense of humor. Finally, they can find an individual approach to any person.

Who knows if it is worth believing in horoscopes since they say there are incompatible signs. Nevertheless, the ninja is sure if Capricorns do not like Alaska sushi roll, then Himawari should be used, or at the very least, Philadelphia sushi roll with eel.

We are always looking for new combinations that will surprise and delight you. We have juicy smoothies to remind you of sunny summer days in freezing weather. We take care of your pets to make the Ninja Sushi package satisfy every family member.

To celebrate our anniversary, we want to make a gift for you. This cool Bruce Lee T-shirt shows that you are in the #ninjafam clan. To get this T-shirt and sushi for dinner from Ninja, leave some comments and wishes! We will choose three most creative wishes and present gifts on October 19.

Let’s celebrate with us!