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5 years - 5 new recipes


We'd like to celebrate Ninja Sushi's fifth anniversary with five new rolls. They are already on the menu. Unusual, bright, bold. Let us introduce you to each dish created by the Ninja brand chef.


In the wake of the popularity of the anime and live-action adaptation of One Piece, we were inspired by the image of the story's main character, the brave Nami. The navigator of the pirate team is not like the others, and our new product also has an unusual vibe! We have combined salmon, cheddar, avocado, crabmeat, truffle sauce, and crispy iceberg lettuce in one recipe.


Black rice has already become our hallmark, but when it becomes a visual complement to unique recipes, we can only applaud the chef and repeat the order. Tuna, shrimp, crab batter and chuka seaweed combined with sweet chili sauce, mustard and mango sauce is just such an example.


Sherlock Holmes can solve the most complex puzzles, but we're not sure even he could figure this one out. We are still wondering how it is possible that octopus, marinated salmon, mango, and avocado are so well combined in one dish. But the fact remains: this new roll is sure to break into the top of your favorite Ninja Sushi menu items.


In the Chainsaw Man story, Makima's eyes are the most dangerous weapon, but in our case, we intend to capture only your taste buds and cause emotional fireworks. Get ready: tuna, a little kimchi, octopus, cheddar, crabmeat, spicy sriracha sauce, and the signature combination of world chili and mustard. Yes, ninjas offer you the most daring gastronomic experiments.

Gunkan set #2

Spicy appetizers in a new interpretation: salmon, eel, tuna, garnished with a slice of avocado. Mango sauce, kimchi and green onions perfectly complement the taste of the fish ingredient.

Join our celebration, try our new products and be sure to share your feedback. We will continue to surprise you in the future!